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Keegan and Samier Excerpts

Keegan and Samier 1 and 2

Author: André Trantraal

Ages: 5+

Suggested grade: Grade 2 to 3 Home Language and grade 4 to 5 FAL

Reading is not just about words on a page; it's about imagination, empathy, and life lessons. Beginner readers open doors to a world of discovery and offer an excellent opportunity to introduce young minds to the joys of literature. The first and second book in the Keegan and Samier Reading Series can enrich your classroom experience through these exciting and inclusive stories.

#1: The Key Clue
On Friday afternoon, Samier and Samia are visiting Keegan until their father has finished praying at the mosque. On their way to Keegan’s house, Jenni-Lee picks up a bunch of keys. Keegan’s grandmother decides to show them how fingerprints work, and they do some sleuthing together … Will they be able to identify who lost their keys?

Click here to read the first few pages of Keegan and Samier: The Key Clue.

#2: Foul Play
Keegan, Samier and Samia go play soccer in the park. They find Ghielie and his cousins there. Together they play a game of soccer. Samia is an excellent soccer player! But then Brent Petersen arrives – and he doesn’t want to play with a girl! Will Keegan, Samier and Samia still be able to enjoy their game or will Brent spoil the whole day?

Click here to read the first few pages of Keegan and Samier: Foul Play.