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Bongi Ballerina Activities

Bongi Ballerina

Author: Kristien Potgieter

Ages: 9+

Suggested grades: Grade 3 to 4 Home Language

The enchanting world of Bongi Ballerina is a delightful place where every day holds a new adventure. This blog post is dedicated to all the young readers and fans of this children's book. Author, Kristien Potgieter, created three fantastic activities that will bring the magic of the story to life and provide hours of entertainment.

Have you forgotten what Bongi Ballerina is about?

“Spiders, snakes, ghosts, skeletons, vampires? She loved them all. The scarier the better, in her opinion. But ballerinas? She couldn’t imagine anything worse.”

Meet Bongi. She loves aliens. She loves spiders and she loves all sorts of scary stuff! There are only two things Bongi doesn’t like: pink and ballet. So when her mom signs her up for ballet classes for a term, Bongi can’t think of anything worse! But then she comes up with the perfect plan: She’s going to sabotage the class so much that she gets kicked out! Will Bongi be able to weird her way out of tutus and pink leotards or will she learn to love pirouettes and pliés?

There is a world of adventure waiting for your child within the pages of Bongi Ballerina. So, go ahead and embark on these activities to make the Bongi Ballerina adventure unforgettable!

Please see the free, downloadable activities below:

Help Bongi find the words in this exciting Bongi Word Search.

Can you assist Bongi in finding Webster at the middle of the maze?

Enjoy these three colouring-in pages!